Ionto480® Electrode Treatment Kit

The Ionto480® buffered iontophoresis electrode treatment kit uses a scientific blend of materials for optimum comfort during treatment. The drug delivery pad includes a convenient fill reservoir, which makes medication application easy, and the soft foam backing conforms to body contours. In addition, the Ionto480® buffered return electrode with Axelgaard’s patented hydrogel creates a stable environment to prevent skin irritation and burns.

Available Shapes & Fill Volumes
Part # Shape Approx. Fill Volume #KITS/CS
DDS275 Small Square 1.5cc 10
DDM325 Medium Square 2.5cc 10
DDL350 Large Square 4.0cc 10
DDB375 Butterfly 2.0cc 10

Each kit contains: 1 active drug delivery electrode, 1 buffer electrode, and 2 alcohol prep pads

Safety Data Sheets & Product Information
Safety data sheets, guides, and additional product information are available via PDF download.